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Ampersand Media Danielle

Danielle is an artist, a creator, an occasional bartender, and a lover of cold brews and all things chocolate. She has a passion for business and helping people grow. 

She studied Art during her time in college and has extensive training in Graphic Design. She has studied the ins and outs of different Social Media platforms and algorithms so that you can rest easy in the knowledge that she is taking care of your business as if it was her own.

Danielle takes pride in creating quality content and keeping an open line of communication with all of her clients. Building relationships is her number one priority.

Ampersand Media is the product of years of hard work and determination. What started as a calligraphy project grew and evolved into the Digital Marketing Company that it is today.  You can read more in depth snippets of her journey into being an entrepreneur on her blog, Dear Boss Lady.

Ampersand Media was named because of the collaboration between her work and her faith, her creative side and her business mind, and the support that she has received from friends and family in getting things done.  An ampersand represents the joining of two ideas, artists, or beliefs as a single unit. 

She’s ready to help you navigate the waters of digital marketing without being rocked by the waves. It’s time to build your business like a boss.

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